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Hello and welcome to Hypnotic Affirmations. You will find Positive Affirmations, Positive Quotations, Subliminal Message Suggestions, Hypnosis Programs, Hypnotic Ideas and more.

What are affirmations? Affirmations are proclaiming something to be true, whether it actually is (right now) or not. Using affirmations can make a profound impact on your life, the key is to use them consistently. Affirmations come in every subject and can be used for any aspect you are wanting to change about yourself or your life.

Using affirmations along with meditation, hypnosis, subliminal messages and the law of attraction can change your life dramatically with little effort. Affirmations are the founding blocks of creating yourself. The biggest and most widely used affirmation starter is “I AM” those 2 words come straight from the Old Testament.

I AM affirmations are your way of telling yourself that you believe in something, that you want god to back you up and with faith, persistence, motivation and dedication, your I AM affirmation will in fact become a reality. Having belief and taking action is the key to making affirmations become a reality.

Affirmations have been around for thousands of years and until recently mainstreamed, they have been kept a secret. The real power behind affirmations is the fact that the do work. When you constantly tell yourself the same thing over and over, you are bringing your thoughts and words into existence whether you know it or not.

Affirmations are a very powerful thing, they aren’t just words, you are what you say (affirm) you are. Whether positive or negative, the thoughts and things you say actually shape your reality, when you affirm something (anything) you are actually stating that it is a fact and the law of attraction gives it to you.

Be mindful of your thoughts and words as they can make you or break you. That’s exactly what affirmations are – little phrases you tell yourself that create your reality.

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